Come at Me, Life

Most days life just passes by in a rush. Things are so uninteresting and monotonous that you don’t even remember them happening. But eventually there always comes a bump in the road that jars you out of your reverie and forces you to take action; to change; and the very thought of it is frightening….

Beyond those cutting edges

I’ve teetered-tottered on the edge of the abyss Beyond unclean, despairing rivulets and trash Those broken cottages with rusty mesh – Hurt’s kiss I’ve felt the whip and bared the rush of Torment’s lash But before these places of distress, defeat, and pain I’ve known soft baptisms of hopeful, love-filled peace And in those waters,…

Talking Bears

There are voices surrounding me As I walk through these strange woods, I wonder if it’s just fear making me hear things Or if my sanity is finally departing from my body, Driven out by all the thoughts inside my brain, I wonder if there’s a different between the two, It feels like one feeds…

Tinker Up

Wind me up, watch me crawl my way to you, struggling even more but forcing my legs to keep moving, keep going. Wind me up, cause I need the motivation of you, help me get past this point. I can’t wobble without a purpose. But I seem to me wandering all the same, Wind me…

Music Mondays

Music Mondays features a new song each week. Listen to the music, with or without watching the video, draw inspiration from the featured image, and write a letter, poem, short story, or essay with your thoughts. Post your original work to your personal blog. Be sure to credit The Literati Mafia for the prompt. All…

Sounds Fishy

There once was a man, Richard Tamin A philanderer known for his scammin His wife smelled his hand He said, “Please understand! I was just at the fair tossing salmon!” © A.P. Christopher 2018 Written for The Literati Mafia Sunday Prompt

Poetry Prompt Sundays

This week, instead of guide words, we are posting a featured image which should provide inspiration for a limerick. A limerick is a type of humorous verse of five lines with an AABBA rhyme scheme.  Post the poem to your personal blog.  Be sure to credit The Literati Mafia for the prompt. All prompt responses should be original and previously unpublished….