Old Soul

As the days fly by

I refer to a cynical state of mind.

I never wanted to be this teen that has been placed inside of me

for my soul is far too old and diminished to be surrounded by such games that pan out constantly.

My soul is beautiful, and gorgeous, and magnificent

But for now I feel locked in a horrendous cage that will not set me free

I never felt the need to go on unfamiliar and unknown loving sprees

That seems to be all that goes on around me.

I feel as if i’m screaming ever so loudly at the top of my lungs and nobody cares to hear

This feeling is so incredibly powerful to me it will never disappear.

My soul is far too fragile and wise

It feels it is not my first miraculous demise

I am back.

But my soul is stuck caged in a younger body, full of tumultuous cracks.

Isabella Piper © 2018

Isabella Piper is a seventeen year old from Michigan. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time; as well as writing and blogging for others. She is pursuing a creative writing degree at SNHU, with hopes of making it big one day.

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  1. Nitin says:

    Finally! Great post too. Great way to kick things off here.

    Liked by 1 person

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