Big Sister and Little Brother

Verdant landscape, surrounding a large stream
Flowing into mother river meandering
Crocodiles lie on the banks lost in dream
Birds soar overhead, looking for better fishing
Dung beetles roll their treasures industriously
Working, unlike Sisyphus but purposefully


A group of city folk picnic by the  bleached rocks
Letting loose after the constraints of employment
They droop on the branches their sweaty socks
Eschewing abstruse restraints of the green soylent
Free and oh so very wild they think they are this day
They celebrate emancipation with many a Hurray!


Little brother with cerebral palsy
Big sister supports his ragdoll body
Bare feet they come from the village
Where their spirits have been pillaged

Little brother was left for the leopards
By his family who are poor shepherds
But big sister refused to leave little him
Father punched out her eye for this vile sin (of defying him)

One eyed big sister and ragdoll little brother
Go to the stream. Tired sister stops a second
Near city picnickers. ‘Oh, what bother!
Beggars even here’, the city folk do reckon
They give big sister a bribe, cheese and bacon
Sandwiches, if she will trot away further.

Big sister catches her breath by the stream
In a secluded spot where no one has yet been
City food is way too rich for brother, she knows
Removes the filing, throws cheese and meat for the crows
Moistens the plain bread so little brother can swallow
Carefully putting crumbs into his crooked upturned mouth

She positions his feet in the stream
so that fish can nibble on his toes
Little brother falls asleep and dreams
While big sister picks up a wild rose
Crafts from the sandwich clingfilm a crown
And pretends for a moment that she’s a queen.

Big sister and little brother go back to their village
Where other children throw stones and call them demons
Big sister then gives her body to the village elder
In exchange for lentil soup and one night’s shelter.

©️whenmarsmetsaturn 2018

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