Remember When?

Remember when you told me you’d be here,
Ready to take my hand when times got hard,
When life wouldn’t let me catch my breath.
I remember that, I held onto that promise forever,
Hoping and praying and wishing on every star I saw,
Knowing you’d never let me down,
Knowing I’d always have someone in my corner.

The day you weren’t there anymore still steals my breath,
The memory alone is enough to keep my on my knees.
Remember when you waved goodbye?
Claiming it wasn’t for long,
And you’d be by my side sooner then later, ready to take on the world with me once again.
I remember watching your back turn,
The only thing I saw as you walked away, away and then you were gone.
Funny how I can’t forget your face, the image of a faded memory, but sharp enough to remind me. It lingers,
Stays with me in times of good, more in times of bad,
I can’t remember when I wasn’t cling to your memory,
It’s been so long now…
So funny how a memory haunts you,
The image you never want to see on repeat, constantly looping in the back of your brain,
Reminding you over and over and over,
Remember when…?

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  1. I love this one – nostalgia is a powerful, haunting force, and you’ve done it justice in your writing.

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  2. This is you – the reason I read you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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