Poetry Prompt Sundays

Hello dear readers,

We are starting a weekly poetry prompt, and would love your participation in sharing your creativity with us. Prompts are a fun way to see how we interpret guide words, phrases, or pictures, in similar and differing ways.

The rules are simple:

Use any or all of the guide words posted in an original poem. You do not have to use the actual words, feel free to express what you feel from them.

Post the poem in the comments section of each prompt. If you post the poem to your WordPress site, please credit The Literati Mafia for the prompt.

New prompts will be posted each Sunday evening at 9:00.

Prompt 1 guide words:

oil, flicker, darkness

Happy writing!

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  1. tara caribou says:

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  2. I thought words were just crying out for a bit of the macabre. Hope you enjoy.

    She Came From Nowhere

    They trod carefully across the uneven ground
    Oil lamp’s held firmly in hand
    Dimly lighting their way through the old cemetery
    The frosty air was cold and bland

    They weren’t afraid of the evening’s darkness
    Just afraid of getting caught
    Neither were they ready for the fate that lie ahead
    From the bloody onslaught

    She came from nowhere with fangs of white
    They just stood and shiver
    And as each one fell from her vicious bite
    The lamps continued to flicker

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    1. Oh, I like this! Macabre, indeed. It gave me a bit of a chill. Excellent!

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      1. My work here is done 😁 Thank you.

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        1. Most welcome. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Great thing to do – you lot. I call this piece of verse below “An autobiography”:

    With a few yards to go
    the oil lamp flickered and died.
    It’s fluckered said I
    I’m stuck in the darkness
    I’m buckered if I know what to do.

    Strucking the last match
    the oil lamp flickered to life.
    It’s unfluckered said I
    I’m unstuck in the darkness
    unbuckered. I know what to do.

    Next for a flicker of a flitter
    the flucking flicker flitted and died.
    It’s fluckered again
    I’m buckered in darkness
    and have been for most of my life.

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    1. I like the alliteration, and the play on words. Thank you so much for contributing!


  4. Gelert says:

    Scorched Earth

    Eyes flutter.
    A memory hewn as the images stutter
    The struggle for focus strobing the shutter.

    Shade teases
    Reveals and conceals as its own moon pleases
    Suggests and retracts without quarter or reason

    Smoke smears
    Piques and distorts the frame as it appears
    Calls its own undoing as it calls forth the tears.

    Truth rages
    Branding its tale onto history’s pages
    Until the scorched earth can be soothed by the ages.

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    1. I like that “scorched earth”. This interpretation of the prompt is very creative, and an excellent poem. Thank you!


  5. tara caribou says:

    Broken Woman

    There’s an oozing slick that’s worked its way down and across my ravaged flesh, a black oil sliding over me and permeating my skin

    When I lay back it flows up and into my mouth, down my throat, making its way to cover over the blackness shrouding my heart

    Once upon a time I listened to sweet lyrics dripping with gorgeous lies, he said he loved me, that I was beautiful, that it was me he wanted

    A flicker of hope welled within my breast even as the doubts swirled in my mind, the dark oil of betrayal penetrated and took over

    My consuming thoughts rage within me ripping tearing breaking crushing stabbing choking mutilating pulverizing burning me alive

    I was in love once
    Now I’m only a broken woman

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    1. This is heartwrenching, Tara. Beautifully written.


      1. tara caribou says:

        Thanks. It’ll post later on…

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