Weekly Prompt: Oil, Flicker, Darkness
Additionally, there’s an IG account whose prompt for the week is “Mythology”
I shall try to use…all of that…

Alas, I see the sun as full as moons upon the dusk
And e’re I see the light consumes
Another mere costume upon your husk

Where I conceive illumination set upon your mask
My own a face of rumination
Haunted so in ruination’s task

Letting so the fire flicker, feeding on your shade
With your shadow slow receding
Darkness from the glow, the meeting bade

Wondering, and much, have I uncovered or revealed
The face of one like any other
Just another errant lover’s leal?

Or, in my unveiling, have I slighted who you are?
To see you ever pale, benighted
By a lamp no brighter than your star

© A.P. Christopher 2018
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Image Credits: Diogenes Searching for an Honest Man, attributed to J. H. W. Tischbein ( c. 1780)

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  1. Excellent! I loved reading this.

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  2. Mira Fahlan says:

    Missing you 😞 hope Ino’s still fine and Jamie says hi

    Liked by 1 person

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