the dance of Isabella

come and watch the dance of Isabella

the rhythm of castanets awakes the moon

her body tilts the oleander axis of the wind

her hips rotate into the autumn of the fires


an iguana stumbles on profuse desires

opening her eyes on Isabella’s chest

your forehead sinks into the sweat of lovers

who step onto the boats which never will return


watch how Isabella dances

wreaths of conquerors at her feet gleam

lizards from forgotten winters

tattoo her body on your skin


and in the shadows of the lips which spin

locked in the mansion by the lake

i love you more than anybody else

yet you don’t know

because for you i’m just a dream

2 Comments Add yours

  1. And, no matter how beautiful this woman is, you can, NEVER hold her physically, you can, only dream of holding her close…

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  2. bogpan says:

    Stylish faerie of the senses in a surreal frame. A careful reading, however, found associative links to Chekhov and Márquez. The question remains whether such a woman can be loved only in the case of a dream? For me, the answer is negative.

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