Go on then, march to the rhythm of the persecuted – howling, wailing, enduring, persevering. Prisons & concentration camps; imagined post-rapture AntiChrists & Babylon the whore; death penalties which are ‘just’ & fire & brimstone, post-apocalyptic perorations.

Washer the condemner, Driscoll the porno-vision new age Messiah, McArthur the indoctrinated drone living in the stone age, Tim Keller the conservative Woody Allen wannabe, Sproul the old dead fart spewing connections to secularism, subtly mentoring the Calvinistic parade with dogmatic vendetta, Piper the hyper-Calvinism on 15 cans of red bull, hate your enemies, come but He’ll reject you, emotionalist, Friel the TV clown, setting up lecterns in colleges & rambling like a crack whore & every other fuck regardless if they’re wearing the Mars Hill tattoo and ripped jeans, smoking ganja or if they’re wearing suits with trophy wives & nine children. All the same, all the fucking same.

Go on then, march to the rhythm of the ‘elect’ and then post a rant saying God isn’t partial. Use that word a thousand times in a thousand different contexts to try to justify the same thing a thousand times.

Go on then, march to the rhythm of the martyrs & still land in hell with the other Calvinists & Coptic Christians burning like that heartless, machismo bastard Conway puts it.

Go on then, defend your faith & God. But let me ask you this: if God is absolute & creation finite then there exists a metaphysical evil which only Sovereign grace bridges. So why not give grace to everyone? Why cause Lucifer’s fall by taking away his grace, so the poor sod had no other direction but to try to become his own absolute good & then punish him for that? Why cause Adam’s fall by doing the same, so the poor bugger thinks, I shall be like the gods & then condemn an entire race?

Genocides & children put to the sword,
blood & wrath,
disease & decay,
the cross & the hate.

Go on then, raise me up for your wrath but until the end I’ll say, you don’t deserve to be God.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

You’ll find more of Nitin’s work at Fighting the dying light

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  1. Nitin, it would seem
    you’ve seen
    the dead wood
    through the dying trees
    in the maze called ‘Religion’.
    Branded upon
    the fetid carcass
    of the human condition.
    Your vision
    is truly a gift
    even at times
    a curse
    But from where
    did it come from?

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    1. Nitin says:

      It’s a curse David. Trust me it is. You may not believe me if I told you where it came from though. People have different labels for that sort of thing: Intense religious experiences accompanied with visions, psychosis, hallucinations, etc But they always left me knowing and seeing more even though the experiences themselves were often very traumatic.

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      1. An eye to see … Nitin,
        your writings are a symphony
        in the key of Epiphany.
        Perhaps I’m fotunate in
        that I’ve usually had the
        choice when to dive into
        the mystic spiritual.
        I believe, despite bad choices
        there was always a watchful
        angel. I trust you’ve been
        watched over too.


      2. Nitin says:

        I think I have been watched over in some sense because I always came out of these experiences alive. Trust me, some were so intense they urged me to do harmful things to myself. I haven’t had them for a long time now and I hope it stays that way. They were one of the primary reasons I deleted my previous blogs. It’s an epiphany but at what cost?


      3. Shalem, Sālim, and Peace
        ✌, to you Nitin.

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  2. This is very powerful, Nitin. I share many of the same feelings after leaving Mormonism.

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    1. Nitin says:

      Yeah I understand. Thank you so much Emily

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