so much of my life
punishing myself
by choosing
& letting myself be chosen
by the wrong people
people who will hurt
& belittle
cut me down
make me feel
like i think
i deserve to feel…
the rest of my life
finding myself
looking for connection
fearing connection
seeking out people
& using equal energy
to push them away again
creating for myself
a comfortable limbo
of isolation.


© quixotic mama 2018
for more of my art & writings hop on over to quixotic mama
the image is from my self-portrait series, ink pen & brush, based on egon schiele’s “two women”

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  1. emje says:

    Reblogged this on Quixotic Mama and commented:

    it’s an egon schiele kind of day (i don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad one)


  2. We all need to, go through these sorts of trials in our lives, to finally accept who we are, deep down to the core, and, the process of this self-discovery, this self-acceptance is never easy, especially if we’d been, socialized, taught, that we weren’t deserving, of the good kind of love, that we actually, have the rights to.

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