walking in beauty

∏ Ô ∏

Do you really think

it is a gift, hearing

opportunity knocking

at any given moment

in time, balancing out

the mountains and valleys,

rivers and lakes, all the

oceans and skies, between

the life I’m breathing into

a world of my design, a

word made of letters, of

countless variables and

multitudes of pathways,

any of them carrying the

possibility to lead me astray

I’m wandering through a

desert of wild beauty, the

vultures, sapphire wings

and emerald eyes, keeping

me company and I enjoy

their presence, knowing

they only care for the

alreády deceased, while

I walk on, leaving water

in my wake, the sky is

turning purple and all

of my desires become

the prize I pay, every

day, so don’t ever think

a life like mine is light,

I’ve danced with my

shadow a thousand times

multiplied by five and

mostly right, but also

struggling, being blinded

by the light of creation

itself, piercing my eyes

with brilliant shades of

white, and I walk on

because walking in

beauty is the art I

mastered, so what is

it that you can do?

≤ Θ ≥

© Matthias Grupe

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Absolutely loved the word flow


    1. lunarpoet says:

      Thank you, Megha! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My pleasure Matthias

    Liked by 1 person

  3. azephyrrose says:

    So many lovely pictures in my mind! Thank you 🙂 I especially connected with dancing with one’s shadow and being subsequently blinded by light.

    Question: does the image of leaving water behind you in the desert mean tears as you travel, creating/leaving behind an oasis, both, or maybe something I haven’t thought of yet? I know I sometimes leave things ambiguous on purpose in my own writing because the imagery is so delicious!


    1. lunarpoet says:

      I was indeed referring to tears when I wrote it but since the “I” is traveling their inner landscape it might as well refer to some sort of oasis that is being created. You are very welcome!


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