The night was monumentally quiet
I suspect most beginnings are,
I was looking out my bedroom window,
Smoking a cigarette and looking at the stars,
Trying to be beautifully mysterious,
And you came to my window like I’d called,
Backlit by the moon so I couldn’t see,
See all your secrets and your intentions,
You’re actually mysterious
Because you don’t care,
I’ve always cared way too much.

You held your hand out to me
Telling me you could stop time,
I could go on an adventure,
See the world, even the universe,
Become the heroine of a story,
A story that no one will read
But there’s art in doing something
Just to know that you can,
That’s what you taught me
When this was over,
You’re the greatest artist
The world will never know,
I still can’t see the fucking point,
But then I’m not the prodigy you are.

There’s something arousing about it,
Something dreadfully romantic,
About disappearing from all reality,
Being the only two people in space,
But I never really saw your eyes,
You always kept them curtained,
One day I stopped to really think
And I realised the necessity of being alone,
We wouldn’t be a we in the real world,
Because there were other people,
And all you saw in me was a girl
Desperately trying to be unique.

So I went back home,
Barefoot and alone,
Wrote everything down
Because it mattered,
Then burned the pages,
Because it didn’t,
Not to you, maybe not at all,
We’re were just strangers
Clinging to a fantasy,
And fantasies dissolve
When they’re not secret,
I wanted to believe it was special
Like a locket around my neck,
So I told myself it was one of a kind.

But in the end I’m not a girl who wants to stop time,
I’m a woman who wants to live in this world,
And if it only matters when people don’t know about it,
Then I’m okay with being inconsequential.

© Richela Rosales Maroto 2018

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  1. Ashes says:

    I love this so much! Very well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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