Talking Bears

There are voices surrounding me
As I walk through these strange woods,
I wonder if it’s just fear making me hear things
Or if my sanity is finally departing from my body,
Driven out by all the thoughts inside my brain,
I wonder if there’s a different between the two,
It feels like one feeds the other and they’ve taken over,
I’d be okay with finding out I’m crazy, I think,
At least there’d be a reason for all of this,
I can’t help thinking it’d be nice to know this isn’t normal,
Because if this is normal human experience,
Why does everyone keep engaging in it?

I find a bear in my travels through the woods,
At least I think I do, but he doesn’t attack me,
It might be an apparition and not an actual bear,
But it suits my purposes just fine so I’ll say it’s real,
I tell him I’m crazy and he looks at me skeptically,
He lists out all the reasons I’m not in a scientific way,
It’s all very reassuring so I give him some berries,
As I walk away I think I shouldn’t have thanked him,
Because everything he said pretty much made sense,
But I think maybe he just wanted the berries,
In fact, I think I used to know bears don’t talk,
He seemed pretty trustworthy to me,
Probably the way I don’t seem crazy to anyone.

One of my friends told me once that I couldn’t be,
That I have a really good sense of reality,
I didn’t say anything; I didn’t want to disappoint him,
But I couldn’t find reality if you gave me a map,
My compass is made out of paranoia and intrusive thoughts,
Every time I look for north I end up on spaceships,
Flying way, way, way off until I have to go back,
And I tell people I wanted to go to Saturn’s rings,
But it was too far so I decided to try something else,
I don’t like living my life like I’m on a carousel,
I just want to fucking know where north is.

I wonder why no one wants to admit it to me,
Even if I’m not, they seem so sure I’m wrong,
And you don’t get that kind of certainty without fear,
Because people that aren’t scared of the truth
Generally accept that they might not have it,
I’ve accepted that maybe I’m just scared for nothing,
But what if I’m not? I just think I’d like to know,
Because if not I have to accept that bears really talk
And trees really make noises when you’re all alone,
And the scientific studies I’d have to launch
To study these phenomena sound very exhausting,
Then again, so does insanity, I’m certainly tired of it.

© Richela Rosales Maroto 2018

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  1. emje says:

    i love this! (reality is over-rated)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Over-rated but less exhausting than anxiety attacks 😉


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