unraveling me


i need this day
to blow itself
sad sings in my heart
& i wonder
where does the wonder
the wonder
i spill from me
for the world to see
where does the wonder go?
is it looked after?
cared for…
these parts of me i share
does someone love them?
as i do?
or are they callously treated
roughly handled
piddled upon?
i wonder should my wonder suffer
is it best to sew up these wounds
stuff it all back in again
fester in silence?
do i keep to my journey
and continue to unravel
my mysteries?


© quixotic mama 2018
for more of my art & writings, hop on over to quixotic mama
the image is an original self-portrait done in ink pen & ink brush

3 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s always hard, making ourselves so vulnerable, exposing that most easily injured parts of our selves to the outside world, as we risk getting hurt badly, because we are, all exposed, and without our coat of armors…


  2. the wonders of you are still all right where they all are, it’s just that the outside world became so harsh sometimes, that they’d, masked themselves up…


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