It’s slow and quiet, so much so that I can hear your heart, feel the beats as though they were my own.

We lay here, under the changing leaves and the cooling sun, just being together, eclipsing the other.

Fall into me and breathe me in. Embrace the change and let the old fall away with each new leaf on the ground. Let them remind us that change is good, change can be life altering, a ripple effect that’s so scary and exciting and so so needed.

It’s so quiet, I can hear your heart beat as though it were my own. Embracing our change, the way we were and the way we will be. And yet, I never want it to change. Rather, I want to hold all our changes and good and bad and worse right here in my arms, letting them eclipse into me and you. Let hem mold us together, and to love what will come.

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