Letter to My Former Lover

I’m not the bird in the cage,
Always flying, flying, flying,
My feathers burned right off,
And yet I keep going higher,
Determination stronger than gravity,
I’ll never be a goddess but I can try,
Because I refuse to be mortal.

My blood isn’t sugar or spice,
And I’m not the least bit nice,
My blood is 99% ambition,
It’s both my biggest flaw,
And my defining attribute,
The reason I get out of bed,
And the reason I haven’t given up.

My independence is hearty,
The thing monuments are made of,
And it’s unbelievably selfish,
But I refuse to sacrifice it,
I’m the only person I really trust,
And even then, that’s on a good day,
You can try to run after me,
But you’ll never catch up,
Part of me doesn’t even want you to.

And I’m truly, truly sorry,
That the present will never be enough,
Even when I learned to let go of the past,
My eyes were still focused on the future,
Because I don’t even know if I’ll reach it,
But I need to believe I can, even if I’m alone.

I told you that I wasn’t a romantic,
All the flowers in the world won’t change that,
You should have believed me when you kissed me,
Just because you were lying didn’t mean I was.

I’m sorry you fell in love with me,
And I still don’t know how I feel,
You’ve made a home in the cage,
And I’m still looking for mine.

Yours sincerely and not,
The one that got away.

© Richela Rosales Maroto 2018

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