Philosophical Essay Challenge

This week, the Literati Mafia hosts a unique philosophical essay challenge. The theme is depravity. You can draw inspiration from the T in TULIP if you’re a hardcore Calvinist, but please focus only the depravity part! We don’t want a sermon! We want a reflective essay that examines depravity. You can write about low-lives and layabouts; self-righteous hypocrites; religion and God; atheism or anything else which gives you inspiration. Hell, you can draw inspiration from the image and the song too. But please don’t preach and instead spend time reflecting on depravity, if it exists and why it does if you say it does. Feel free to throw in metaphors, allusions, and poetic sentences, but please remember that we’re looking for an essay and not flash fiction, poetry or storytelling. The word count is 800 words or less.

What you need to do to participate is simple:

1. Write your post on your blog.
2. Link it to this page.
3. Click on the Inlinkz button, and type in your URL. You have to create an account if you don’t have one. Don’t worry; it’s free.
4. Comment on the works of other bloggers

P.S. Please don’t write your essay in the comments section. We’ll be forced to delete it.


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    Feel free to participate


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