No Reason

Sometimes life leaves
Just as quickly as it came
On a day just the same
As any other
But monumentally different
Because this is the one
That’s going to haunt you
Until your dying breath.

And there’s no reason,
But he searches for one anyways,
Because what’s the fucking point
Of living this life as one should,
If nothing ever matters,
No good deed goes unpunished,
No bad deed goes unpunished,
Every other second is born of our need
To redeem ourselves
to whatever God is out there
So that the deepest type of grief
Is never ours to hold.

And he’s being driven slowly mad,
By a world that no longer makes sense to him,
His hand never far from a bottle
That holds the medicine he needs
To hide the symptoms of a pain that can’t be cured.


© Richela Rosales Maroto 2019

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