Your arm lightly circles me

And leaves half of my side tingling.

Your warm touch spreading like wildfire

It lingers, lingers after you are long gone.


An infection I can’t fight,

An addiction I can’t deny,

You pull me in and I’m caught, like

A fish on a line.


I hold my breath as I sink, ever deeper,

And until my lungs scream for air

I sink some more.


You reach out for me as I fall

Further out of your reach –

My reach, while I gasp

And stray out of line,

Unable to pull back up

To where we used to be.


And there I stay, on the warm

Seabed, breathing in bubbles,

Seeing illusive lights

As I drown in the essence of you.

©Isabelle (2019)

You can find more of my work here.




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