All that begins with L

You take hold of one letter

And make claim to all words

That begin with it, single-handedly

Making them reality in my world.


Lucky, to make me think myself

Fortunate to have met you

And make bearable the weight of Living.


Laudable, excellent in every way,

From friend to Lover, student to colleague,

And at showing the world you care.


Lubricious, every moment spent with you,

Fantasizing about us, about you,

And you telling me always, always.



Lukewarm, the word that says all,

For your Lack of attention

And Lack of understanding.


Lies, every truth untold,

For holding your tongue,

And being too afraid to answer.


Loathe, Little by Little,

Forgetting me and hurting me,

And making me Loathe you.


Lawrence, your enthralling name,

For writing it across each

And every place we visited, with your hands.


Lobotomized, my Lethargic state,

Finding no fault in you,

And doing my best to unfeel.


Love, your worst crime,

For believing it was Love,

And making me Love you.

©Isabelle (2019)

You can find more of my work here.

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