About the Mafia

Nitin Lalit Murali is the co-administrator and co-founder of The Literati Mafia. He struggles with Bipolar Disorder and OCD and uses writing to cope. His writing is emotional, romantic, dark, satirical, lyrical and he writes both prose and poetry. His hobbies include reading philosophy and fantasy books, playing video games and studying poetry. He also loves music and listens to pretty much every genre.

Emily C. Poésie is a co-administrator and co-founder of The Literati Mafia. She struggles with Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety. Her writing reflects what she feels, ranging from hopeful to heartbroken. Writing is her catharsis as she attempts to understand humanity, relationships, and most of all, herself. She is a single mother raising a an amazing daughter. Her daughter is her “why”. Her hobbies include listening to audiobooks on long commutes, watching controversial dramas, and writing; poetry is and always will be her primary passion.

Richela Rosales Maroto is the co-administrator of The Literati Mafia. She was fourteen years old when her teacher told her she’s good at capturing emotion in her writing and has ridden that wave ever since. She writes prose as a personal study on how to make unlikable people relatable and writes poetry for her own catharsis. When she’s not writing, she spends her time trying to convince her Spanish students that learning English is very important and studying English Studies at the university. Her hobbies include annoying her flatmates by playing music very loudly, spending way too much time researching astrology, playing computer games and, of-course, reading.

Samantha has been writing since she could hold a pen, and telling stories longer than that. She’s been recognized as a writer since elementary school, winning small awards and competitions. Between 2006-2010 she was published in Teen Ink magazine numerous times and small out of state anthologies. she took Creative Writing Workshops at the St. John’s State College before she was bound by mental illness and poverty. Now a movie buff, hoop dancer, and illustrator, she’s decided to answer the urge to write again and is currently working on publishing a poetry book. You can find her on Instagram @theprettypoems.

As a small child, awriterssoul only knew how to express herself through writing, capturing strong emotions and painting them through the stories she told in her head. She graduated with a degree in English Literature and a minor in psychology and pursues freelance writing and self-publishing. She has been published in numerous online journals and blogs, and is currently working to pursue a career in publishing and editing. She enjoys reading others’ works as much as creating her own: “Diving into a writer’s soul is discovering the broken treasure and beautiful mysteries that make you gasp for air.”

emje mccarty spends way too much time inside her own head–which, it turns out, is great for her art & writings as well as her inexhaustible self-analysis. She has had a lifelong love of writing & drawing and trying to find the magical place where these two passions can co-exist harmoniously for her. She is currently working on an art journal series of informal verse & self-portraits to help her cope with depression, anxiety, motherhood, feelings of worthlessness, body image, and disastrous relationships. When she isn’t playing with ink, emje gardens, raises goats & poultry, wrestles with four kids, and tries to live a sustainable lifestyle in the middle of nowhere.

After getting used to the predictability of living, Kat began to question what the meaning of life was. She started to delve into topics such as the consciousness, free will, and the nature of the wonderful thing that is the human brain. She also likes to explore topics within the neuroscience and physics areas, especially those that flirt with the edges of the unknown. Kat has also started to explore the art of poetry, as she finds some philosophical topics too incredible to fit into standard sentences. In her free time, Kat likes to draw, read, and connect with nature.

G is a published author, and an academic. However, here I am just a humble blogger, a voice among billions of others. Every post that I write is for you. I do not seek accolades. All I seek is to touch your hearts.