Former Members

We would like to thank our former members for their contributions to the collective, as well as to the poetry community. We support their work and continued journey.

Viktoria and her family immigrated to America from Russia in 1991. She didn’t become fluent in English until she was about eight years old. Even so, she wrote her first short story by eight and her first poem when she was 12. A few years ago, she dipped her toes into the novel world and eventually dove right in. In 2016, she self-published a YA Fantasy novel Karina Whitt and the Gateway to Jinetha and then the sequel Karina Whitt and the City of the Gods. Both books were inspired by her own archaeological trip to Israel, when she considering the path of becoming an archaeologist. Here she is, a couple years later, still writing on subjects that inspire her. Whether it’s another poem or a novel. Often times, the themes are bitter-sweet with a touch of the mystical. She believes there is pain in life that can’t be ignored, but there is also beauty. Neither can be brushed aside as if it doesn’t exist. People live in the duality of night and day, darkness and light, hate and love. And so she writes to help her process the emotions she feels regarding the striped existence of humanity.

Mariah Voutilainen never thought she’d be a writer or a poet, although she’s dabbled in poetry for about twenty years. A former teacher and massage therapist, she began writing seriously three years ago, inspired by a major move from the United States to Finland with her family. Her poetry explores beauty in the mundane events of the everyday, from household chores to the amazing workings of the human body. When not writing, mariah reads all manner of things from poetry to short stories, but especially enjoys fantasy and dystopian fiction; and when not reading, she’s out and about, hanging with her kids, cycling around town, dancing like no one’s watching, or soaking up the rare but beautiful Finnish sunshine.

Jennifer Patino is an Ojibwe native living in Las Vegas who has been penning poetry and short stories since she was six years old. Polycystic Kidney Disease, Epilepsy, & PTSD affect her life on a daily basis, but writing is her favorite way of coping with these daily pains. When she isn’t writing or editing, she can be found buried beneath her to-be-read pile, watching old black & white movies, or attempting to create an obscure art piece.

Isabella Piper is a seventeen year old from Michigan. She is pursing a Creative Writing degree at SNHU in her near future, as well as writing frequently and blogging on the side. She also finds peace in writing poetry and prose. She is most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Matthias works as an educator by day and a poet by night. He is searching for the magic sparks in the interspaces, between the cracks of reality. His poetry often reflects him having sensory processing sensitivity and also his queerness finds its way into his words at times. Via his blog he has already met an amazing audience of international readers and found some meaningful exchange with other artists and readers. His wish is to make the world a little better, verse by verse.

Anthony Gorman is a writer, visual artist, and human rights activist with extensive recovered trauma. He’s worked in the field of Mental Health and addictions in crisis management. Much of his writing helps with processing and accepting the absorbed horrors and sorrows experienced vicariously through the recounts of resilient and amazing clients. Additionally, he lives with the daily splendors and burdens of life’s challenges, as do we all. With a fervor for micropoetry, his writing strives to back big emotions into small clusters of words. Grumpy is privileged to share with you. You can read more of his writing at Hands in the Garden.

Emily Cloward co-founded The Literati Mafia. She struggles with Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety. Her writing reflects what she feels, ranging from hopeful to heartbroken. Writing is her catharsis as she attempts to understand humanity, relationships, and most of all, herself. She is a single mother raising teenagers. They are her “why”. Her hobbies include listening to audiobooks on long commutes, watching controversial dramas, playing video games with her kids, hiking and attempting CrossFit. Poetry is and always will be her primary passion.

Maureen Story thinks she’s the best poet out there. When she’s not hugging soft puppies and finding lost cash on the sidewalk (‘cause she’s lucky that way), you can find her dueling evil using the sword of her pen and cheating at sudoku. Family isn’t that important to her but she’s very interested in becoming rich and famous. She’s since moved on to bigger and better collectives. Read her story here and here.