The Catalysts

She never really believed in destiny; fortune; kismet; not even in the three old hags, the Fates, that she read about in Greek Mythology. But as she stood outside the office, something inside her felt like all that she had gone through led up to this one particular moment and that her life was going…

Time Well Spent

There’s so much that makes me cry, but there’s also so much that makes me laugh. We are bodies of wonder that have the power to hold so much goodness and light. Oftentimes though, we get sidetracked by life and the several obstacles it hurls our way. But when you think about how they come…


Anabella who sold papers cries because her lover left my soul hurts my eyelids close her hand is dry i dive into her painful voice there is no bottom it is dark how many tears did she cry?

autumn day

i met you on an autumn day when Anabella was selling papers in the street you looked at me with fervid eyes and I knew then you’d never leave

Break Her Spirit

An age-old tiredness resides inside her, like the weight of the world alone she must shoulder. The demons screech and claw and howl. They’ve wreaked their havoc: her mind befouled. For, now she pretends to be happy and calm, which is just a cover for the raging storm. Inside, she yells and begs for help….

bullfighter (matador de toros) #poetry

my dress is red your heart is pounding the passion of all matadors de toros is bleeding from your arms into my veins your eyes flame every soul in Salamanca your fight is dance your body burns the bull is raging flesh is cracking roses from my hair fall on your wounds stars are deaf…

Come at Me, Life

Most days life just passes by in a rush. Things are so uninteresting and monotonous that you don’t even remember them happening. But eventually there always comes a bump in the road that jars you out of your reverie and forces you to take action; to change; and the very thought of it is frightening….