When we write, we write with the hardest hearts, singed raw with pride, but when we grieve, those hearts soften, and words become tears cascading down rough contours and jagged edges. What’s written isn’t felt when hands mechanically type, but when it’s felt, despair cloaks us, and we wish for idyllic unknowns and peaceful reveries….

Time Well Spent

There’s so much that makes me cry, but there’s also so much that makes me laugh. We are bodies of wonder that have the power to hold so much goodness and light. Oftentimes though, we get sidetracked by life and the several obstacles it hurls our way. But when you think about how they come…


It’s slow and quiet, so much so that I can hear your heart, feel the beats as though they were my own. We lay here, under the changing leaves and the cooling sun, just being together, eclipsing the other. Fall into me and breathe me in. Embrace the change and let the old fall away…

Break Her Spirit

An age-old tiredness resides inside her, like the weight of the world alone she must shoulder. The demons screech and claw and howl. They’ve wreaked their havoc: her mind befouled. For, now she pretends to be happy and calm, which is just a cover for the raging storm. Inside, she yells and begs for help….

Lost in the Stars (looking up)

She’s watching, jotting down all her thoughts and dreams and absent minded trains… Waiting for the time when you ask her. That way, she’ll know what to say, how to say it and just the right way to sound. She hopes that you’ll approve, want to hear more and listen with intent. But she knows…

The Unknown

galaxies beguile and beckon, mouths of black holes yawn. I face the unknown, bent of body, but bright of mind, not fearing the dawn of old age that comes to all stars, planets, and man. I face the unknown, time running through my fingers like grains of silvered sand. ©️Kaddie Tucker 2018 More from this…

Come at Me, Life

Most days life just passes by in a rush. Things are so uninteresting and monotonous that you don’t even remember them happening. But eventually there always comes a bump in the road that jars you out of your reverie and forces you to take action; to change; and the very thought of it is frightening….